Observational Studies on the Effectiveness of Super Glisodin 

Energy: Noticed more energy immediately, not a huge bump but a nice sustained energy from within, very pleasant. 


Eye Health: After using Super Glisodin about 1-2 months, the white part of the eye is getting whiter and healthier looking, eyes look brighter. 


Joint Health/Anti-Inflammation: Immediate relief to joints and inflammation, less cracking and creaking, more mobility, and less pain was observed in days. 


Allergies: Observed that body is able to deal with allergens better, even amidst the worst allergy season (weed growth and population is through the roof this year due to lots of rain). Does not completely eliminate the allergy condition, but is helping the body to cope better and to recover faster. 


Muscle Support: Noticed that whenever physical work or exercise is performed, muscles develop quicker and more solid, and with less aches and pain. 


Hair Color & Growth: After about 2 months of use, noticed less hair falling out, natural hair color is maintained (less white hair from stress), quicker new hair growth, and hair is shiner and smoother. 


Immune Health: Observed extremely rapid recovery from common colds and flu conditions when person is taking Super Glisodin for first time. When using Super Glisodin on a regular basis, immune system stays healthy and strong, and able to avoid most colds. Seems to help alleviate excess stress on the immune system. 


Detox/Colon Health: Observed a mild detoxifying effect, especially in the first several weeks. Elimination smoother, more regular, and may have more bulk. Digestion is easier and better. The cleansing effect, the intestines and colon could be helped further by using Ashi- Flora along with Super Glisodin. 


Neurological Support: Noticed that Super Glisodin is so supportive to the brain that we had to cut back our dosage of Brain Lightning. Clarity of thoughts was enhanced, able to stay positive when dealing with problems, experienced overall sensation of relief to “brain stress”, had better focus. Super Glisodin makes a great companion product for Brain Lightning. 


ADD/ADHD: Observed dramatic benefits to children (age 10-11), they were able to think more clearly, focus on details and “mundane” tasks, exhibited more self-motivation and initiative, their energy levels were more even through-out the day, and general improvement in physical well-being and brain function. 


Skin Health: A surprise bonus – noticed that skin tissue is smoother, healthier, and more radiant, and only after 2-3 months of using Super Glisodin. 

Researcher's Note:  "Through years of observation, I have found Super Glisodin to be an important foundation for all ages in which to build a robust health and/or rejuvenating program." Kathy Grenier, Researcher.